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Dollars & Sense is a ground-breaking book that recognises, champions and celebrates the social enterprise in Australia.

Focusing on the people who benefit from the work of social enterprises and highlighting innovative commercial models of impact investment, Dollars & Sense is a blueprint for a smarter way to do business.


Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people with access to employment and skills development, or help the environment.

It is estimated there are around 20,000 social enterprises operating across all industry sectors in Australia. In Victoria alone, approximately 5,000 social enterprises employ around 75,000 people.

Yet the development of social enterprise in Australia lags behind other parts of the world and it is recognised that there needs to be greater awareness of the benefits. Dollars & Sense aims to raise that awareness.

our story.

Dollars & Sense is the brainchild of Geoff Harris, a co-founder of Flight Centre and one of the original investors in Boost Juice. Geoff’s belief that philanthropy is about more than just writing a cheque was put into practice when he bought the new Collingwood headquarters for social enterprise, STREAT, which runs a portfolio of hospitality businesses that help disadvantaged young people to gain a foothold on the employment ladder.

Geoff will be using his share of the of any profits from Dollars & Sense to award grants to some participating businesses – creating his own social enterprise for social enterprises!

the team.

project partner

geoff harris.

Geoff Harris was a founding partner of Flight Centre and major shareholder in Boost Juice. He concentrates his extensive philanthropic efforts on youth causes and is a leading advocate of impact investment and supporter of social enterprises including STREAT, a prominent Melbourne social enterprise.

Dollars & Sense is a great chance for corporate Australia to show their support for social enterprise initiatives and to stimulate the debate about ways in which the impact of this sector can continue to develop.


neil bramwell.

Neil Bramwell is an award-winning journalist and author with book sales totalling more than a quarter of a million copies, including a number one bestseller. He has run a media and communications consultancy firm for nearly 20 years in the UK and Australia.

want Dollars & Sense to change the way that social enterprise is viewed by the business community and consumers alike.


smudge publishing.

Smudge Publishing is a Melbourne-based boutique publishing house. Their backlist includes 24 titles, including three international award-winning books: Flavours of Melbourne, Flavours of South Australia and The Specialty Coffee Book NSW. With recent expansion to international audiences, including Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, Smudge is showing no signs of slowing down.

We are excited to support this fantastic publication, which will celebrate the hard work and inspiring stories of social enterprises all over Melbourne.


luka kauzlaric.

Luka is a staff photographer for Fairfax Media whose freelance work has included photo essays that support advocacy campaigns, such as a trip to Liciqua in East Timor to document the social causes benefitting from funds raised by his local council.

Dollars & Sense gives me the opportunity to capture inspiring personal stories, which will hopefully inspire others to follow the path of social enterprise.

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Dollars & Sense is funded by partnering with those corporations, organisations, businesses and philanthropists who have a desire to promote their existing involvement in the social enterprise space or an enthusiasm to show support for the growth of this sector.

Partners can: buy a stock of books with dustcovers incorporating their own logo and/or the logo of supported social enterprises; apply to feature their own services in the book; or have supported social enterprises included in future digital editions of Dollars & Sense. For more details please contact us.

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